So I wanted to move away from my old blog (Laich the Lamp) for a couple reasons. One was because I wanted to not have links to the garbage I wrote last year, in an attempt to make the content available more appealing and semiprofessional. The other reason being that the name really started to bother me. So I started this blog to focus more on just the plots I’ve been generating. And to hopefully have a name that has some staying power; I don’t want to turn into Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation (Mouse Rat forever!).

So the posts won’t be at published at any particular pattern, if you like what you see, check back occasionally and maybe there will be new content. I have trouble finding the time to provide commentary and actually saying worthwhile things in a post. If people don’t care what I have to say, I can just make posts where I publish only the plots and shut my trap. We’ll see where this goes, but for now posts may be kind of sporadic. They may require a 5 game losing streak to prompt me.

I started making these plots because, unfortunately I don’t get to watch every game. I wanted to be able to see what kind of trends the Caps were creating throughout the season. I also don’t like Excel plots. I don’t know why, could be because of the limitations, or because I’m a MATLAB elitist. Additionally, I’ve never played hockey and only started watching diligently within the past few years. So I don’t usually have anything meaningful to add on what a player is supposed to do or how difficult a certain task is. Nor do I have a vast knowledge of the players of the past.

About the plots – they are auto generated using some custom MATLAB code I wrote. I started last year by manually inputting data from a number of sites – mainly ExtraSkater. But when that got shut down I had to write something that could import and reduce the data automatically from what NHL releases. So this is young code, and it has not been peer reviewed. If there’s anyone out there proficient in MATLAB and who knows the formulas used to define some of the advanced statistics, I’d gladly welcome your time to look over the stuff so that I’m not publishing incorrect garbage.

Well that about sums it up, I hope you enjoy the content. Feel free to comment or provide feedback.


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